Flowers by Occasion

Flowers by Occasion


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Flowers for every occassion...

Flower choices are very personal and to a large extent down to personal taste, however, some flowers have grown to be conventional for certain celebrations. This article explores the florist’s world of flowers by occasion. We look at traditional flowers associated with weddings, romance, Christmas, birthdays and Mothers Day and give a few suggestions to ensure your selection is perfect.

Wedding Flowers

Seasonal flowers are usually chosen to suit the time of year that the wedding is being held. Flowers that are in season are of the best price and quality. Peonies, Sweet peas, garden Roses and scented mixed herbs are soft and feminine options for a Summer wedding whilst the bold pallet of Spring will include Tulips, Anemones and the heady scent of Lilly of the Valley and Hyacinths. Autumn weddings can be more rustic with berries and Twisted Willow playing a big part and for Christmas weddings white frosty themes with twinkly lights or rich deep burgundy and plums sit well with fruits and heavy evergreens. There are no hard and fast rules though, your theme may be chosen to suit the venue, your dress or simply you – be creative! For advice on your Reading Wedding Flowers, get in touch.

Romantic Flowers

Nothing can say “I love you” more than the classic red Rose. The Victorians used The Language of Flowers to send secret messages of love by arranging different colour Roses that had different meanings. These meanings are still used today but with the enormous colour range now available you could be spoilt for choice. Today vintage pinks and lilacs are very popular, the Leonardis terracotta Rose is a favourite and the highly scented Norma Jean is the new kid on the block!
We deliver flowers for Valentines Day in Reading, Henley and the surrounding areas.

Christmas Flowers

During Christmas you will find the shop packed with scented evergreens in the form of wreaths, garlands and table arrangements. Amaryllis are still the favourite for this time of year and are now grown in rich reds, plums and crisp white. Ilex berries stand strong with Pussy Willow and all our floral designs are adorned with nuts, fruits, cones, cinnamon sticks and not to mention a bit of sparkle. For those feeling really festive there is always Mistletoe!

Birthday Flowers

Matching the flowers to the personality is the key when it comes to birthday flowers. Do you know your friend or loved one’s favourite flower? Or their favourite colour? Be bold with these and have fun!

Mother’s Day Flowers

Choose from Scented Spring bulbs to elegant Phalaenopsis Orchids, it is difficult to go wrong. A mass of Tulips or Oriental Lilies are always our best sellers or surprise her with a funky bunch of tropical blooms. Mums L.O.V.E. flowers - fact!

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