Mothers day

Tuesday, March 12, 2019


        This Mothers day as ever white-gdn will be busy preening 
         all our flowers to perfection, ready for all those lovely Mothers
         We all know they are special so we choose the best quality 
         flowers  available as only the best is good enough !


Mothers day flowers

Monday, February 26, 2018

                  MOTHERS DAY  11th  MARCH   New products available to buy now online


                          We have more top quality flowers  bouquets and arrangements than ever before available to order from our online  and on physical store in beautiful Hart street Henley.

        Shown above is one of our new hat box arrangements . These come in white garden ,white and blue and country garden styles and are available in small ,medium and large sizes.

Fabulous flowers for spring @white-gdn

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


     More flower choices than ever have been added to our on line shop .Not only are there more choice of flowers but also a wide range of sizes and prices .All flowers used at white-gdn are chosen seasonally by us for their high grade quality .We only source premium flower for our customers. So at white-gdn our small posies  right up to our largest supersized bouquets like the one shown above from our new luxury range ' Highmoor lace' shown above will all use premium flowers . Whilst we use flowers from around the world we also stock High quality  English flower when it is available and in season .     


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