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Thursday, February 07, 2019

Guides for Brides 5* Review Business


Winter wedding flowers

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

           Winter weddings are becoming increasingly popular  here at white-gdn. Festive weddings can be truly magical . Whilst there are some limitations on seasonal flower availability such as peonies (these really are summer season flowers  )there are still many varieties of flowers to choose from . Popular choices for the winter season include amaryllis,roses,ranunculus,berries,ivys, liseanthus and gypsophylia . Dark red large headed velvety petaled roses create a warm effect and mix well with berries to give  a rich Christmas appeal . Reds can be softened with romantic folliage trimmed with cones ,pussy willow and luxuriant ribbons .Alternatively white flower choices can look beautifully romantic combined in different varieties with accents of ivy ,fir cones and berries for texture .Christmas wedding whites also combine well with metallic accents such as  silver twigs or accessories . Christmas is a wonderful time to use a little or even a lot of sparkle .Silver or gold containers add to full out winter glamour and silver candle holders and sparkly christmas trims or baubles can all be incorporated well with this look .With careful planning and a few careful touches carried through the entire theme a winter wedding can be Festively fabulous! .   


white-gdn wedding flower trends 2016

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


    Our brides here in Henley are still firmly in love with the wild flower look .At white-gdn we will help you choose just the right flowers to achieve your individual interpretation .We will make sure your  flowers will be romantically tousled to perfection for the special day . So far this year  we are finding that there is a drift back towards pastels this year , purple seems especially popular .The other strong trend is the bright wild meadow flower look which combines a wealth of different flowers of vibrant colours interspersed with cooler colours and varied textures .